Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Are Destined

What are you destined for?

Great things

Its in my thoughts today for some of you to experience that little piece of Destiny that you seek. Whether its from unanswered questions, or to be able to experience a moment you have been waiting for. I hope you find it.

With Love


Sunday, February 17, 2008


Its Sunday evening, its been a relatively relaxing weekend. Life as usual is busy but I feel there is hope in this big wide world. (Did any of you realize that the word BUSY translated into Chinese characters means HEART DEAD? kinda sad really.....) At any rate there are other people in this world spreading the love that I need to give some props out to. There is a brand spanking shiny new website called HopeRevo(lution) and its wonderful!! Go check it out!! Krysten is delightful....and Jen for that matter.....well, anyone to me who wants to spread the love a little bit more is pretty fantastic to moi.
Au Revoir!!
A bientot.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Passing out LOVE

Hello Everyone,
It has been a very productive couple of days here in Love land!! It has become our commitment to pass out as much love around us as possible. Yesterday we finished our work on canvas and then went around the city nailing our 'luvnotes' to tree's. It felt like it was a bad thing, and yet at the same time was so exhilarating!! Today, we gave out random little luv bags at a mommy's group. So if you are on the receiving end of any of this stuff, make sure you give us a shout out, tell us what you was fun to anonymously watch people open them. And just in case you are wondering, those who got them, were meant to have them.....they are made just for you..... because YOU ARE LOVELY!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Love Notes from the City

We have joined a Flickr Group called Love Notes from the City. I love the gesture of these women, the great part about Love Notes is that ultimately they are so very unique to every person. Its what we want to put out into the world that perhaps is something that we need to hear, to me a love note is like a song. I want to know what the writer was thinking at the time of creation, because in all likelihood, there is a story behind it. As human beings, it is from those stories and their rawness that makes us grow.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Inspiration to love more

Here we are, our first post. Welcome. We have no idea if this blog is going to go far, but the idea is to spread the love. Got this idea based on a blog about 'Guerilla Art'. Loved the idea and wondered how we could possibly add a little bit more love to this very small corner of the world!! In fact, we feel so inspired we think that this whole blogosphere world is gonna wanna share all that they are doing too.

As we begin to spread the love, we are going to put a 'link' to our little site on the backs of our notes in hopes that others share their stories of receiving these notes. So stay tuned.

Hopefully you feel inspired to make a difference too. Feel free to email us and send pictures of your anonymous random acts of love and kindness.

Today we got started on our love notes, for the time being we are keeping it reallly simple and going into mass production. When we refer to mass production, that means we have created our first 100 notes (hardly mass production by most worldly standards). Nothing major but none the less, we are extremely excited to see what happens.


Getting ready to spread the love one note at a time!!